FAQ's - General


(Q) - How do I Login or Register?

(A) - 1.      Simply click the link that appears at the top of our home page titled My Account.

2.      On the next page, Register with us by entering your small bio including your e-mail address and password.The next time you visit our home page, you will once again be greeted by your name.


(Q) - Why no reply to my emails?

(A) - Add sales@einks.ca to your contacts or check your spam/junk box as we always answer all questions within24 – 48 working hours (except weekends and holidays).

(Q) - Forgot to use my coupon!

(A) - Sorry due to accounting reasons we cannot apply a coupon to an already existing order, please save it for next time!


(Q) - Changes to price

(A) - Einks.ca reserves the right to change prices on its products and services at any time, without prior notification to the customers.  In such case, No refunds,rebates, or grand fathered of lower prices will be offered.

(Q) - I can’t Login, I may’ve lost or forgot my password.

(A) - Forgot Your Password? We will send your password to your e-mail address on record with us. This way, you can securely change your password to whatever you want. 


(Q) - Can I apply if I offer services rather than products?

(A) - Yes, throw us the idea and we will be happy to explore opportunities. Email it on sales@einks.ca


(Q) - What is the Shelf Life of your Cartridges? 

(A) - 1-3 years depending on the cartridges.

(Q) - Can I buy multiple items in exchange for a single product?

(A) - Yes, you can buy any number of items in exchange provided the final price of exchanged products should be equal to or more than the price of returned items.

(Q) - My Order was delivered broken to me!

(A) - We request you to refuse the courier if it seems tampered. Refuse to accept and mention the same on the courier receipt as well.

However, if you have received the packet then email us the images of the defective product to sales@einks.cawithin 1 day of delivery for replacement, with clear image of barcode on it.

(Q) - I have few more queries, where Can I contact you for that?

(A) - Still have some queries? Email us on sales@einks.ca


(Q) - Is there any kind of Tax/ HST on receiving products?

(A) - Yes, full price paid on the website plus all the taxes and delivery charges, if any extra charges are applicable, customer will be made aware of this information in advance before the order is shipped. 

 Province Type PST (%) GST (%) HST (%) Total (%)
 Alberta GST  5 %  5 %
 British Columbia GST+PST 7 % 5 %  12 %
 Manitoba GST+PST 8 % 5 %  13 %
 New Brunswick HST   15 % 15 %
 NewFoundland & Labrador HST   15 % 15 %
 Northwest Territories GST  5 %  5 %
 Nova Scotia HST   15 % 15 %
 Nunavut GST  5 %  5 %
 Ontario HST   13 % 13 %
 Prince Edward Island                                   HST                                                                              15 %                     15 %                 
 Quebec GST+QST 9.975 % 5 %  14.975 %
 Saskatchewan GST+PST 5 % 5 %  10 %
 Yukon GST  5 %  5 %