FAQ - Order & Status

(Q) - What happens after I place an order?

(A) - After you finish placing the order with us, you will be redirectedto a “Thank You” page, which will also mention your order number. This isa confirmation that your order has been successfully placed.

Also, as aconfirmation, you would receive emails for Order Summary and Paymentconfirmation from us. If there are any problems with your order, one of ourSales & Service Specialists will contact you by phone or e-mail.

PS: Pleaseensure that you enter a valid E-mail address when you register and whileentering your billing address since all your order correspondence will beshared on the same E-mail ID.

(Q) - What if my order hasn’t been delivered?

(A) -That shouldn’t happen, butin the event of any issues, email to us at sales@einks.ca. Your satisfaction isimportant to us.

(Q) - Can I edit my order after it’s placed?

(A) - No, once you place your order it cannotbe edited. Please make sure everything is exactly how you want it beforeordering.

(Q) - Do you do large orders to resellers / businesscorporate offices?

(A) - Absolutely! We do largeorders and offer significant discounts for bulk orders as wholesalers toresellers / business corporate offices. Email us on sales@einks.ca to setup these accounts. Selection & qualification are determinedby accounting team of einks.ca

(Q) - Can I send multiple orders to one location?

(A) - Yes, you can send multipleorders to one location, or multiple items in one order.


(Q) - My order is “Out of stock”? 

(A) -If the item is not stocked in ourcentral warehouse, it may take up to 5 days to process. We maintain theinventory quantities and we will do our best to ensure that items Not in Stockcannot be ordered.  Should an item you order be unavailable, your creditcard will not be charged and you will be informed via email.

(Q) - Order Tracking

(A) - Whether yourorder is shipped in one box or several, total shipping charges will not exceedwhat was quoted on your order confirmation.

We prefer to sendyou your merchandise as quickly as possible. Shipping items together sometimesdepends upon the availability of the items ordered. Should an item beout-of-stock, it will be sent as soon as it becomes available. You will notincur any additional charges if your items ship in separate boxes or frommultiple distribution centers.

To check thestatus of your order(s), please allow up to 24-48 business hours for the orderto process and tracking number to be made available on your account.

(Q) - Can I replace a part of my order?

(A) - Yes, you may return a part of theOrder, in case of multiple items in an order. Any product being returned needsto be returned in full including all components as well as any complimentarygifts or products which came along with it.
However, if your purchase was made in the period of a special promotionaloffer, contests or any special scheme then that product cannot be replaced.

(Q) - What happens if my order gets returned bycourier to you?

(A) - If an order is returned tous we will contact you via email once we have received it. If the order wasreturned due to incorrect or incomplete information, or because you’ve moved,please be advised that you will be responsible for any applicable reshippingcosts.


(Q) - What happens if my order gets lost in transit?

(A) - If an order is beingshipped and is lost in transit, a replacement will be provided.

(Q) - How Can I cancel the current order?

(A) - If you wish to cancel yourcurrent order, send us email on sales@einks.ca with “cancel order #” as subject, as soon as possible. As long as yourorder has not been dispatched we can cancel it and refund your amount. If yourorder has been dispatched then you have to wait to receive and return it.Please note shipping fee is not refunded as shipping carrier do not refund itto us and 25% restocking fee will apply.

(Q) - Important Cancellation Instructions

(A) -

1. Any products for whichdetailed cancellation policy is not mentioned here, einks.ca reserves therights to inform the policy later to the customer.

2. Einks.ca reserves the right tochange the exchange/return policy in future without prior notice

(Q) - Can einks.ca also cancel my order?

(A) - Einks.ca reserves the rightto cancel your order at its discretion should the order be deemed inappropriatefor language, content or material.

(Q) - Any orders which are not covered under thecancellation fee?

(A) - Yes!

There is no cancellation of orders placed under the Same Day Deliverycategory.

 Einks.ca does not accept cancellation requests for damaged returnedgoods. However, refund/replacement can be made if the customer establishes thatthe quality of product delivered is not good.

(Q) - I have few more queries, where Can I contact youfor that?

(A) - Still have somequeries? Email us on sales@einks.ca